Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Plain View: Welcome!

Ok, today I am biting the bullet and joining legions of other bloggers. I have visited so many sites and have learned so much; time to join in and get with blogging from this end!

I am an artist who likes to work with fabric, paint, dye, air brush, embroidery (machine and hand), quilting, and photography. This site will be dedicated to recording what goes on in my Studio

I sense that regular photo journaling about the work I do here will help me stay focused and at the same time be of interest to others who share these same interests. Of course, I welcome feedback. I will treat it like gold.

First, a tour -
I like to have several projects underway. When I get stuck, I move to another part of the room and pickup up another project where I left off. This gives me time to think through the previous problem while working on something else, or just escape! Oddly enough, I solve many problems while working on something else...
On one wall are four canvas panels with an acrylic underpainting. Next step will be to sharpen definition and colour with air brushing. These will eventually be machine quilted.

Below are some discharged and overdyed fabric lengths just out of the dryer. Some of these are going back on the pole for more dye or bleach. I am looking for more complex watery effects. These will eventually be worked into an overall composition - about water, specifically the St Lawrence River.

This was a terrific suprise! Thiox discharge on a piece of black velvet resulted on this gorgeous gold reflective surface. Not sure what to do with it, but can't stop looking at it. Gotta make more!

Lastly, a couple of samples of hand embroidery. These pieces consist of strands of wool fused to hand-dyed cotton backing. I was inspired by tulip fields I saw in Holland several years ago. I have several of these little pieces on the go. I also have a larger piece on tulips, but that's for another post.

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Lisa Call said...

Stunning work as always Kit! Love the new beet work. Glorious colors.

Welcome to the world of blogging!