Saturday, February 11, 2006

Groundhog project almost finished!

Ok, the panels are sewn together, binding is pinned back and ready for sewing tonight (during Olympics of course...). tomorrow photography, and Monday, CD Rom off to CQA - this will be my submission for this year. Unfortunately the theme is 'Celebrating 25 years of quilting'. Talk about uninspiring...I"ll have to force fit something for the artist statement - the part I enjoy the least about all of this. That, paying the entrance fee, and every other aspect of entering shows. In the interim, here are some snaps:


Omega said...

I think that this is my favourite fabric treatment of tulips. I love the use of black for both tulips and negative space. I have a thing about the tulips pictured on Iznik pottery, and have always measured any renderings against that design yardstick. Good luck with the submission.

Art at Work said...

you made my day!
Hmmm, Iznik pottery...never heard of it - but you have peaked my interest... Gotta look it up!

Lisa Call said...

Beautiful Kit. What's with the spoons? They look great but curious what the connection is to beets and tulips.

Anonymous said...

this is the most amazinly beautiful piece of art.

bless you!