Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I saw Karey's reminder on Quiltart, advising us all that the due date for Quilt Expo submissions was today by end of day. What made my day - she allowed e-mail submissions - Wowie! Submitting art work without leaving the studio is my favourite way to enter shows. If my work is accepted, I will (albeit reluctantly) trot off to the post office to send the pieces on their way.

Meanwhile, I thought that the requirements were restrictive. Thematically the exhibit is about 'Fruit of the Vine' i.e. wine, and wine making, oh and the wine business.
I had a small quilt (23'' x 23'' ) with some leaves on it. I had a 4+ hour window to tie it into the theme and get it off to Karey et al. at quilt Expo. So, I checked one of Paul's best wine books (my hubby, he makes wine, he thinks that the theme of this show is great). There was a photograph of a man with a very sharp knife cuttting a lot of grapes.

Now that I'm fusing, superimposing a hand on top of leaves was easy. I used some of the fabric I had left over from a Sue Benner workshop I took at the Barn two years ago. The fabric produced a beautifully expressive male hand that has seen a lot of grapes. I sent it off this afternoon (tif images no less). Can't wait to find out if it makes the cut... notificatiopn March 31 - ugh! Posted by Picasa

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