Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Out of Towners

Five of us live in the Ottawa outer border regions i.e. the sticks. We all maintain studios and are passionate about quilting. We meet once a month to sew, create, paint, etc, rotating locations, sharing the load. Yesterday we met at Jennifier's. I decided to bring my camera this time as it it was bound to be a photogenic session - we were making masks. The aim was to try out the new 'stiff' products on the market, compare them to stiffened canvas etc., and come up with a preferred material for 3D design. There was a lot of talk, but I think Fast to Fuse won out. Hassle-free instant bonding of fabric on both sides gave us greater freedom to play with the structure. At the end of the day, we all walked away with masks. Here are some pics.

rough template of my mask...really rough. gets better though.

Pat not wasting a moment, hard at work.

Susan already bonding fabric.

Jennifer ( in the middle) was hosting this week. She has had the most experience using these materials. So we picked her brain plenty. Cathy on the left and Susan to the right.

Cathy's mask structure well underway and we haven't even had lunch yet.

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