Saturday, March 18, 2006

Red Tulips underway. I've been inspired by some of the Iznik pottery I found on the net(with the help of a fellow blogger...) I love the stylized petal shape that remains constant whether the tulip is just a sprout or in full bloom. this will be a huge field of mostly red tulips.  Posted by Picasa


Omega said...

I love this whole page with the drawings there too. The only bit I'm not sure about is the area with the dots - but that's just me. What I like too is the effect that the white page has, making it look like the ceramic of the original Iznik pots.
I so often wish that more textile work could capture the immediacy of drawing like this.

Art at Work said...

I know, this picture can be confusing. what you are looking at is a shot of my design wall with a size-as drawing on tracing paper lying under parchment paper. The dots are really pins indicating potential placement for future tulip petals. I cut these gorgeous 'iznik shapes' out and iron them directly onto the parchment paper. the whole collage will eventually be transferred to cotton batting and a backing for quilting.

Omega said...

Thanks for the explanation - I look forward to seeing the piece as it develops.