Saturday, April 01, 2006

To Quilt Expo in Lyon France

These two pieces have been accepted into the Patchwork & Quilt Expo X 'Fruit of the Vine' exhibit. First they travel to Houston then on to France in June. Oh, to be a quilt!

The first piece is titled Domaine. It is an applique depicting vines from the perspective of a French escargot enjoying a stroll through the 'domaine'. There are parralels between quilting and wine making - both take skill, time and patience. Both are arts.

This second piece is titled Main d'oeuvre(French for labour). it depicts vine leaves and a hand with a sharp knife looking for grapes that lie beneath the surface. i wanted to signal the work done by those who are out in the fields usually in inclement weather or at night - the grape pickers. Their labour is what makes the wine taste so good in the end. Posted by Picasa

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Elle said...

Gorgeous pieces!