Saturday, September 16, 2006

Turkey vultures I think...

I have seen these big birds fly around all summer. They are beautiful in flight - eagle-like . They must have a nest nearby. I had never seen them up close before. So I caught one the other day with my telephoto lens. What can one say about that profile?? Uuuugly!
Talk about misery's mother! they should wear bags over their heads.

Their elegance returns as they take off together.


Mary Beth said...

Vultures are such wonderful gliders - they just hang, circling on the drafts, looking for dinner. And while the head isn't the most beautiful thing around, it is very practical given their diet of carrion.

Vultures migrate, (I live in upstate NY) so they may be leaving you soon and going south, returning in the spring. I consider the return of the vultures a true sign of spring. They generally come back here in the second half of april.

Wish I could fly like that!

If Nothing Else... said...

Hi I've recently begun dyeing silk and want to try shibori. What is the best dye product to use when dyeing silk a solid color? Acid dyes require very hot water and I fear the silk will shrink or worse.

Any help would be much appreciated

Art at Work said...


I have tried both acid and MX. I prefer MX because I also dye cotton and can use the same dye mix for either - at the same time!

For a solid colour, I like to pre-soak the silk or cotton in soda ash first. Using a small wash basin I pour on the dye, sloshing and wringing the fabric at least three times. For a real solid colour, I'll wring it out four times. I then pop it in a baggie and leave it overnight. The next morning all it needs is a cold water soak with a little detergent and a hot hot hot water wash.
Hope this helps - I'll post a sample of a silk and cotton gradation I did recently - there is barely a difference between the two.

good luck!