Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New stash for the New Year

A delicious array of dyed fabric batching, resting, and soaking up the soda ash solution. What you see here are six complementary colour runs using 12 pre-mixed colours from three primaries - MX-8B, MX-G and MX-3RA (red, blue and yellow) - in this case.

These are some results.
I dyed Kaufman pimatex, RG&S broadcloth and cotton sateen. The pimatex is my favourite, with sateen a close second. I will not order anymore RG&S broadcloth.
120 metres!
Here is a purple to yellow complementary colour run using one set of primaries. My favourite ones are the middle shades that blend so perfectly with the two end colours
Another stack using a different set of three primaries.
Lots of rich oranges and browns resulted.

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