Saturday, May 05, 2007

Britannia Gallery, Ottawa, ON

The vernissage for our group show took place last Thursday. What a turnout - we even had two sales! After so much planning and work it was great to see our work up on the wall and under lights. Oh yeah, and it gets to stay there longer than a week...what a treat!
The owner of the gallery, David Meuser was a gracious host and very patient with the six of us and our many last minute requirements.
I have included a couple of snaps of the show and two of my ten works.

This is our e-mail invite that features our collective piece.
This piece entitled Beginnings consists of six panels, each 18"x 48". They hang together one inch apart. The panels represent a diversity of chosen media but are united thematically and therefore come together as a whole.

Starting from left to right is a panel by Jennifer Hodge, pieced and quilted, P. Susan Clow, appliquéed and quilted, Wendo Van Essen, needle felted, Pat Lemaire, commercial fabrics free motion quilted, Kit Vincent (me), raw edged appliqué and hand quilted, and lastly, Catharina Breedyk Law, appliqué and free motion quilted.

Here we are, waiting for the show to start, standing "in front" of our work, Jennifer, Susan, Wendolina, Pat, me, and Cathy.

This piece is hot off my wall. Wild measures 48.5"x 48". This snap is a bit dark and doesn't show the colours or the stitching all that well - I will go back, get another shot of it and re-post.

This small piece Rasberry Green is 13"x 15", raw edged appliqué, machine and hand quilted.
I have eight other pieces in the show - photos to come.

You can find a more detailed record of the entire show here.


Dianna in Maui said...

Congrats on the show! I love the collaborative piece - the styles blend together beautifully. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person at Art Quilt Tahoe this fall.

Kyra said...

Gorgeous colors!! Thanks for sharing the dyeing book titles!