Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rubber "opera gloves" for the dye lab - finally!

Look at these -- I finally found 23" long latex rubber gloves - long enough to reach the drain at the bottom of a laundry tub that is full of cold brackish dye water... they are called Elbow-length Mucking Gloves (they go past your elbow) and can be bought on-line from Lee Valley Tools for $7.95 Cdn.
Item no. BL650. BTW they will send you a wonderful gardening catalogue at the same time - free.

I finished up the 12 metres of tray dyed fabric. Honestly most of them needed a couple of tray treatments plus a third pass of LWI overdyeing before I was satisfied with them. Here are six lengths washed, ironed and ready to be cut up.

Here is one opened up. Yeah, I guess it's OK.


Jan said...

Oh, yeah, not bad, I guess it's okay.
It is quite vividly wonderful and gorgeous!!! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I love the gloves to. Was brousing the internet about rubber gloves and saw yours.Like to know if you wear them your self. Like women who do very much. Are there pictures of you wearing them? Love your art to. I'm a artist to. I love to work whit paper of al kind. Make also all kinds of bdsm tools from ordinary things.

Tranvestite Lady Elvira.

kickstandproductions said...

Hi - I was just looking for gloves for dying, just as you are. After 10 years, these have only gone up $2. Still a good deal, I'd say. Thanks for including a good photos of what these look like while being used.