Monday, July 16, 2007

painting at St Lawrence college this week

I signed up for a painting course at St Lawrence college this summer. The class is run by Ted Zuber who was Canada's one and only Gulf War artist back in 1990. Canada's new War Museum features Ted's work done when he was a 19 year old during the Korean war - he was not an official war artist back then, just a regular foot soldier. He had the urge to sketch everything he saw. Once home in the safety of his studio he turned some of these sketches into some amazing paintings. I had a chance to see his work at the museum a couple of weeks ago - that's when I decided to sign up for "field painting... being creative on command". Don't you just love that title!!
Today was day one and sure enough,we were put to work very quickly.

Here is my first effort. A barn. I know, not very original, but the B&W photo I was given was a winter scene cluttered with fences, trees and other distractions. These are my own colours and my own season. I now also realise that he barn has no windows or doors...hmm. but I painted it in 2.5 hours...on command too.
After lunch, I was given a second B&W photo of a very angry sky against a low horizon. This was more successful I think - less scumble-work with the brush and better use of colour values and texture to convey motion.

Tomorrow I'm back for day 2 of a very enjoyable week. I will keep you posted.

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