Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Midnight in the Garden of Good Motifs

Every spring I am overtaken by a desire to garden.
In May I just love to muck around in warm topsoil after a long cold winter. This year was no exception. So again, I planted a small vegetable garden. In the past I only planted flowers but now I find vegetables so much more interesting.
And then for some reason by the time June rolls around, I tend to lose interest in gardening as I move on to other pursuits that come with long hot days and cool nights.

Last night though, I thought it would be wise to pay a courtesy call on my neglected garden. After all, August was here and perhaps I might try a little weeding as it looked a bit overgrown...
It was getting dark so instead of taking gloves (practical), I took my camera (still not in gardening mode).

First, I had to deal with some heavy duty weeding before I could see any evidence of planted vegetation. Plus it had been so long since my last visit I couldn't really remember exactly what it was that I had planted.
I removed about 50% of what I saw, all weeds including lots of stinging nettles.... my least favourite as I had no gloves with me. But at that point I was on a roll, looking forward to finding evidence of something, anything!

OK, here it is all weeded.
Underneath it all, I found a bumper crop of zucchinis and cucumbers and lo, three yellow peppers. Here they are all washed - a brief moment of glory.

The cukes look as if they have just returned from the Tour de France.

The tomatoes looked very small with only one plant beginning to ripen. Now that the weeds are gone this lot may improve with access to more sunlight...

This might have been rhubarb at some point - not sure. Those leaves are bigger than charger plates.

Here is a dramatic night shot of the one and only ripe tomato plant - well almost ripe.

Look at this shot of the zucchini leaves at night. This was the reason I brought my camera. These would make gorgeous leaf motifs.

Here is another night shot of some lilies in bloom. I can truly recommend a late night visit to your garden at this time. It is a magical experience and with a camera you can capture some of it for later.
It turns out I love my neglected garden after all. It still holds so many surprises.

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