Friday, December 07, 2007

Black and White study

There are times when I find that it is hard to get into the groove - or I should say back into the groove. This usually happens to me after a trip or the arrival of visitors (though I love the company and... the break), or even a bunch of TIA related meetings and administration. These all seem to sap any remnants of creative focus.

Luckily this time I came across a real old fashioned quilting challenge I bought into a couple of months ago. Normally I would lay this aside for a ''get-round'' to it day (smile). But this time it was just what the doctor ordered. The requirement is to design something using eight pre-ordained black and white fabric, plus one optional colour. This was brutal, as the eight fabrics swatches consisted of large graphic prints that needed taming somehow to work together.

I had forgotten how valuable a black and white exercise can be. This piece is roughly 26'' x 32'' and was made in two days. I am really pleased with it and I am now ready to work with colour.
Black & white Summer 2007 - 26'' x 32''
Here is a detail. I had to use a lot more white and black fabric to tame the bits - but it worked
This was a great exercise. I am now ready to plunge back into colour. Back in the groove!


Lisa said...

This is wonderful. Kit - was this from a photo of you? It sure feels like it to me - not sure why.

Kit Vincent said...

How observant of you...yes, my first self portrait.
The image was inspired from a photo taken on my birthday last summer while I was painting the summer shack.
This was a big summer for us - I revamped an old cottage/tool shed and Paul bought and revamped a 25 foot sloop. I featured both in this design. The sail boat has a big red stripe down both sides - perfect for incorporating into a black and white study.

Olga said...

Brilliant! It is a wonderful piece of work. Has it made you think of doing more b/w pieces?

Kit Vincent said...

Thanks Olga,
Absolutely, but I won't wait for another challenge to come along first...
I now have a box with B&W fabric, card stock, etc for just such exercises - a couple are underway,