Monday, January 07, 2008

holiday textures

I have been playing a lot with my camera and Photoshop lately. I am looking for images that translate well into texture. These days I can look no further than to my floor to find the best stuff - falling off all those decorations. Every day I find new stuff to work with.

This clump of long needles produced this:

I used the pinch feature in the filter drop down to create the distortion in the centre.

A small handful of the same needles produced this.

Once the images are sharpened in layers, I use a lot of the filter tools: cut out, neon glow, find edges, and posterization. Not necessarily in that sequence and sometimes I uses them a couple of times depending on the image.

These branches denuded of their pine needles produced this:

And this:
The image was cropped, flipped, cut out, and posterized; also a few other processes but I don't always remember as I tend to experiment a lot while doing.

These pine needles produced this:

and... my New year's Rat.

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