Friday, April 04, 2008

An old friend

Lately I have been immersed in painting acrylic and textile colour studies. It has been a wonderful learning and discovery process but I yearn to sew. So, thanks to a short bout of spring cleaning I found this piece at the bottom of a drawer. This goes way back to my piecing days. I don't know why I turned away from it back then as it doesn't seem so bad now that I take another look at it. I think it deserves to be quilted.
It is snowing outside . I have decided to ignore the weather turn on some music and sew sew sew. But first I need to fix the perimeter...
See y'all later.


lee said...

I love this piece - I looked at it and thought "I wonder how she did that?" and then "I wonder if I can do that?" - I am frequently inspired by what I see on your blog here.

Kit Vincent said...

Thanks Lee,

I really appreciate your words - so encouraging!
This piece is made with hand-dyed fabric and constructed using a wonderful method taught to me years ago by Nancy Crow.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting! The colors are beautiful!