Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New work

Here is a peek at the stuff that currently moves from my wall to my table and back to my wall again. The top piece is finally quilted. It was designed with every shade of red that I could find in my stash. I must be anticipating a long, cold and colourless winter...

I have concluded that I don't have enough shades of red and I need to make more - a good project at this time.

This second piece was made with some hemp that I wanted hand dye.

It dyes OK, but doesn't hold a candle to pima cotton or silk broadcloth.

I joined it with a piece of burnt orange pima that I silk screened with a couple of motifs. It is now ready for quilting. I feel that this one will need about as much thread as the red one above.

Speaking of thread, I also have some hand stitching in the works.

I find that this is a great way to create a shibori resist for dyed fabric.
Here is an example of machine stitched resist underway,

And here is the result.

Not too bad. Next time I plan on using use a heavier thread to produce a bolder outline.


K said...

One can never have too much money nor too much red!

Lisa said...

Love the purply blue piece at the bottom. Awesome!