Monday, September 07, 2009

Cloth and fantastic weather!

What more can I say?

These pictures say it all…well most of it.

No rain predicted for another week. I can leave all this out overnight and not worry – day after day. Perfect art cloth weather. I feel so blessed!


This is my print table with silk screened images on a length of silk broadcloth.


Detail up close.


I checked out the new SDA workshop CD and had to try Kerr Grabowskis deconstructed technique. These are my dye painted screens drying in the sun. I found the technique was OK but I was disappointed with the few decent pulls I was able to get given all the up front work.


I do love the fine outline I got around each shape, I only wish I could get more…


I find that Jane Dunnewold’s improvisational silk screening gives me more consistent results. These are the painted interfacing stencils I used today, drying in the sun. What is so nice about this approach is that the stencils are reusable.


Dye paint mixed and ready to go.


This is a 10 foot length of broadcloth. Half is silk screened and the second half is ready to be screened.


Close up of dried cloth, ready for the steam pot.


I am having to steam my cloth this week as I forgot to refrigerate my dyes. Yes, I left them out over the weekend – ugh!

So I am having to use my pre-mixed concentrates as acid dyes so as not to waste them completely. This works pretty well as long as I can keep the hot steaming process outdoors!


Close up of a panel I painted today.


A new screen I made late this afternoon, air drying, ready for tomorrow’s screening.

More sun forecast, more shine and therefore more cloth! Wow.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
You have been busy!!!!


Kit Vincent said...

the big push is on for next week...week 5 in San Antonio. Wish me luck.

Judy Martin said...

OK, Now I have to try all those things. I have been procrastinating, but your blog is very inspiring. Thanks very much Kit.

Kit Vincent said...

Thanks Judy,
I find that once I get going with this stuff it is addictive - one process leads to another.
Next thing I know, I have run out of fabric and I am looking for old sheets...

Carol said...

Just stunningly beautiful. I'm not a fabric person, or dyer, or even much of an artist but I just love what you are doing and wish I could do it too.

Kit Vincent said...

Carol, all the way from NSW!
There is mutual admiration here as I have just now discovered your blog dedicated to bookbinding. I have dabbled oh so briefly in this art and now have a new bookmark for a wonderful reference!


Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

i like the photo of your work on the clothesline. thanks for sharing photos of the process.

i especially love the photo in your header, beautiful colors and lovely stitches.

Kit Vincent said...

Thanks Leah,
some of that image owes some to the thread I used. Hand dyed by Linda Palaisy from Ottawa at:


Dahn said...

Just wanted to say that I only stumbled across your blog today and I have already found so many tips!

Your dye work is wonderful and it is really nice to find another Canadian dyer. Although I am nowhere near as accomplished as you...

Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration.

Kit Vincent said...

Hi Dawn,
thanks for the encouraging words. you may have noticed that I haven't posted in Eons.
I decided to take a break from the blog about a year ago - I find that I can blog about doing art or I can make art, not both. Wish I great for others - not me.


Sally Westcott said...

Wow Kit,

I've just spent the most inspiring hour looking through your blog! I'm so pleased I have found you out there in cyber space.

I'm lloking forward to seeing more! I think I am greedy!


Sally in Hobart, Tasmania

Karen G in NY USA said...

Kit,You are sooo accomplished!!!Fantastic work and I wish we lived closer,I would love to watch you doing the silk screening.So neat!!