Friday, September 29, 2006

Art Quilt Reviews

There is a new blog for art quilt reviews.

The intent is to present an objective view of both the good and bad points of art quilt shows, to educate the public and show them that what quilters do can be cutting edge art.
The site is dedicated to the understanding of art quilts and their place in the general art community.

Be sure to check the About page, because the group of quilters who contribute to this site want input on exhibits from all over all over the US, and even the world.

Usually by the time we read a review about an exhibit in one of the magazines, months or even a year has gone by. This site hopes to have reviews up before shows even close, if at all possible.

Too often we all work at being too nice and don't want to say anything negative. That's a counterproductive attitude because how are we ever going to improve if we don't look at ourselves honestly? Check it out: Art Quilt Reviews

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