Monday, October 23, 2006

new work...wierd

Today I found some canvas from Fabricland. I had it labeled canvas from Fabricland $4.95/m less 50% - I love sales.

I cut the length into three pieces, each roughly 29"x26". So today, following a very long and dry artistic block that lasted most of the summer, I pulled out some fabric paint and painted all day. Little squares and triangles. I must have been channeling Paul Klee ( I am a fan of the Ragged Cloth cafe). At first I thought, gee these will be great pieced; I must remember to photograph them for references.

Now that they are photographed I like them the way they are. Whole cloth - I plan on overlaying a running stitch on these compositions to create more depth. I have already applied the batting. Wholecloth painting is a lot faster than piecing. Usually speed is not a factor in fact I like piecing because it slows me down, makes me think carefully about the next step, but todaqy was an exception.

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Shirley Goodwin said...

Welcome to the Dyes Webring, Kit. I have got Ringsurf to email you the code to place on your blog so that you can become a full member.

I have just bought that new book by Sandra Meech. Congratulations on having work featured in it! And glad to hear your creative block has broken.

I will email you as well, as you have comment moderation on and I often find that comments don't reach the blog owner with that feature on.