Friday, September 15, 2006

Been dye-painting and discharging fabric

fabric #1. This is an MX dye-paint discharged with thiox on a scrap of pima. I was really pleased with the results, but it needs a bit more paint.
Fabric #2. Cut up canvas painted with acrylic. I have begun the hand stitching in the lower left corner.

This is a detail of fabric #1. I really like this beet.
Fabric #3. china silk, dye-painted with MX, resisted with soy wax and discharged with thiox. That's a mouthful of techniques. I sense that it may need more.
Fabric #4. These three panels of acrylic-painted canvas have been rolled up and placed in a dark corner.


Jan said...

These pieces are wonderful!

cfent said...

great work!