Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hello blog - I'm back

Been quiet, but been busy -

I stopped all communication back in July. I went underground where all is quiet and cool, but a little dark... I apologize for not posting for many many many weeks, but in this case it was unavoidable. I acknoledge that this is anathema to blog etiquette, and no doubt I will reap the consequences.

Nevertheless, time to get back into the groove and shed some light on recent activities -

I ran a silk dyeing workshop a couple of weekends ago. It was held outside on a gorgeous rock. day one - sun all day. day two - rain all day. It just made the fabric all that more beautiful. Below are some snaps showing this beautiful location in the Thousand Islands region of southern Ontario and the work of these very talented and hard working silk artists. Gee we had fun! Specially trying to resist silk with soy wax in the rain... it actually worked in a couple of cases.
next time we should think of putting up some kind of shelter.

I will run a cotton dyeing workshop on the same rock this weekend and will have more pics to show in a couple of days. Hopefully the weather will hold up.

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