Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Seven postcards

I am participating in a postcard exchange with seven other fibre artists I met last summer at Quilting by the Lake. We were all taking a Dorothy Caldwell workshop. Carol Boyer organized this exchange before we left, to foster connections and encourage a creative exchange through out the year.

Sooo, I decided to work with letters and oddly enough 'November' was perfect as it has seven letters! Too easy - so here they are all together. They actually look better together than apart. I can only dream that in the far distant future people will travel far and wide to reunite the long lost seven...

In the interim, off they go in the mail tomorrow to Carol Boyer, Barb Melchiskey, Elin Noble, Judith Plows, Judy Rush, Bett Rogers, and Andi Stewart.

In turn, I will post what I receive in the next couple of months. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I think that making the postcards out of one overall image is a lovely idea.

arlee said...

OMG HOW have i missed your blog before????????? And Canadian to boot!FABULOUS FABULOUS WORK!!!