Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Friday's Eye

Here it is the 25th and I still haven't posted last Friday's acrylic exercise. OK, here is the eye the teacher painted in ten minutes to show us the way:
Wow this eye really stares at you. It did at us all day in class. Ted chose to demonstrate several facial features on separate little mini canvases (like fat eights). This eye was very intense. You can also appreciate the economy of his brush strokes as you can still see the green under-painting poking through the top layers of paint. All the colours are clear and work together as glazes - no mud.

and here is my little effort. Not bad for starters, but poor marks for glazing. I did a nice job on the eyebrow - little bit of green poking through. But the eye is muddy. I am proud of the eyeball and I notice that the pupil of my eye is not as dilated as Ted's. My eye has eaten her carrots. I need to make a few more of these so I can get it right. The power of clear glazes...

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