Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Surface Design Journal

This is a favourite quarterly to reach my mailbox. Yum yum yum.
Oddly enough my copy comes in a white envelope with a very large array of Hong Kong stamps, a total of eleven. The red ones in the picture are worth $2.40 each (Hong Kong dollars), the blue ones $1.80 each, and the green ones are $1.40 each for a grand total of $21. That's odd, as one of my fiber friends who lives in NJ tells me that her copy was mailed to her from somewhere in the States.
The return address on my envelope is:
Silex Ent.& Printing Co.
24 Peacock road
North Point
Hong Kong
Ah, the mysteries of the publishing business!


Olga said...

I get my copy from Hong Kong every time - with all those stamps! I think it is because all the non USA subscribers are supplied direct from the Hong Kong printer. Perhaps the USA copies are printed in the US - ask your NJ friend to look and see where her copy is printed. If it is HK, then probably the US batch goes to one centre for further distribution. It's all to do with the cost of importing the mag. before posting it on to the subscribers.

teri springer said...

Olga is right....the US copies go in bulk to SDA and are mailed from there in clear plastic....


Kit Vincent said...

Thanks Olga and Teri for your input to this. I still find it odd to see all those stamps amounting to $21 Hong Kong dollars per issue for non-US delivery.

Kathy said...

It looks like $21 HK is less than $3USD. Quite the exchange rate... And that's one of my favorite periodicals, too.

Kit Vincent said...

you're right Kathy. Just converted $21 HKD to CDN= $2.86
and USD= $2.68

Mystery solved. A lesson in global currencies.

Cindy said...

I'm jealous! I'm in Chicago & mine doesn't come with Hong Kong Stamps. I lived in HK for 10 years & my husband still works there so as my kids get older I go back frequently, but having a favourite journal of mine turn up with HK stamps would really make my day! :)I miss being in Hong Kong.