Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time to lower the temperature in my summer studio

and get back in the swing of blogging...

This is a snap I took of Louise Bourgeois' magnificent sculpture Maman . It sits (or I should say hovers...) in front of our National Gallery on Sussex Avenue in Ottawa. I took this shot through a window so a lot of definition is lost, but Maman carries a full sac of eggs that are fun to look up at when standing directly underneath.

Ok to be frank, its more like 40 degrees in my summer studio now and somehow, my worktable has been pushed aside and a kayak and other dock debris have been moved in. The spiders and other little creepy crawlies will be sooo happy to cosy up to all this new stuff over the winter months. My summer studio is now officially closed for 2007. My dyes & paints have been moved back up to more temperate quarters for the winter months.

And, yes I have taken a little blog-break these past few weeks.
This is a behaviour pattern that has popped up on occasion ever since I began blogging. I have finally decided to stop fighting it and instead to go with it. I recognize that these temporary blips do fly in the face of blogging tenets, but I seem to need the break from time to time.
After a short spell, I always return with renewed vigour and lots to show.
This blogging activity has been a process of discovery for me. I admire fellow bloggers who can keep the monologue (and in some cases even a dialogue with readers) going without blips or gaps. What an art that is...
Anyways, for what its worth , I'm back!

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Nicole said...

Incredible artwork and pictures!