Wednesday, June 11, 2008

midnight garden...sorta

Well here they are -- altogether on a dark background (dark mulberry hand-dye) that lets their individual colour modulations peer through. This piece is off to the shop. Hopefully Jennifer can add some finishing touches. I think that it shows what can be done with Angelina fibres, which was the purpose of this piece in the first place.

I plan to pick more of this stuff as I am now addicted to the immediacy and forgiving nature of the 'hot press' process. I think that a lot more can be done with this stuff, but I have to stop. I have just received notice that my class at Haliburton is a go!!
Alright! Given that I love to teach almost as much as being in studio, I am looking forward to this week-long session later this month.
Gotta go dig up my class notes...


Andrée said...

Hey! That is gorgeous.
And I mean it.
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? Seen the movie?

Love the contrast, it really turned out very nicely.


Twila Grace said...

I like Midnight Garden! Very nice.

Kit Vincent said...

Thanks Twila and Andrée,
I think maybe the secret to Angelina has yet to be discovered... I know that it can be used succesfully in small quantities (like parsley)but I want to find a way to use it as a centerpiece without having to gag.
If you come across anything let me know,