Wednesday, July 09, 2008

''Material Matters Exibit'' at Columbus Museum of Art

Material Matters Catalogue

A little bit of shameless promotion...
I have a piece in this exhibit that is currently on at the Museum of Art in Columbus Ohio, till August 31, 2008.

I just visited the site. Not only does it feature many of the pieces in the exhibit but also links up several U-tube videos of artists at work on their piece. Check it out at

More pictures to come, but first, here is an image of my piece in this show.

River's Edge 4 hand-dyed cotton 16x40.5''
©2006 Kit Vincent


Karoda said...

I attempted to see this exibit while on vacation but it was closed on our independence day when i was in columbus. I could have sworn I read on their website before we left that it was going to be open. I hope to attempt to get back there before the end of August.

lee said...

i love the shapes and flow in your piece in the show

Anonymous said...

I love the windows within the flowing curves. Congratulations on being in the exhibit. Just imagine what you can incorporate in your work now that you have taken the digital quilt class! Keep posting, I read your blog!!

Kit Vincent said...

Frustrating when a museum is closed on a public it is an ideal time for the doors to be open!


I agree, the digital quilt class has opened so many more possibilities. It was fun to work with with you again this past week.

Jill said...

Love your latest work. Do you know if the catalog from the show can be ordered online? I went to the museum website and clicked on 'shop' but there is no way to actually shop there...go figure....