Monday, July 07, 2008

Back from teaching at Haliburton!

Here are some picks from this very productive week with very productive students at the last week 30 June to 4 July.
I was very impressed with what was accomplished by this first Quilting By Design group.
Haliburton School of the Arts
They handled a lot of challenges with interest, curiosity and good humour. Monday at noon, black & white designs show up on the wall.
Monday afternoon they worked their designs into more complex compositions.

Some turned their design into repeat blocks.

Tuesday was all about colour.
Below is a thumbnail sketch for a composition.

Tuesday afternoon they painted fabric as needed.

and that included marking fabric with coloured sticks.

Then, once coloured fabric was on the table there was no stopping the design action...

Smiles appeared. All this surface design aside, I believe that fabric artists are happiest when we are at the machine sewing! By Thursday sewing machines were whirring, some with the dogs down and some up.

Here is a shot of our room during the Thursday afternoon studio visits.

Above is a finished composition on the wall - binding on and signed by the artist.
It is seen here with it's original black and white studies.

Here is another finished quilt seen with original black & white sketches.

By Friday everyone in the group had an original quilt finished, some had two quilts and sketched ideas for more.

What a week... and what a terrific group!

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Andrée said...

Wow, what a productive group of students!

No doubt inspired by a very generous teacher...

Great pictures of the class too, although I find it difficult to believe that the class was this neat and clean while all this creative buzz was going on...

Congrats to you and your group.