Monday, May 11, 2009

American Craft features the work of Andrée Fredette

I am was so proud to discover Andrée Fredette's work featured in the most recent edition of American Craft Magazine.

Andrée's piece Tunicates no.1 was juried into this Quilt National '09, which opens next week. The image published in American Craft (seen below) doesn't do justice the extensive and beautiful machine embroidery that floats over these large colourful panels.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Athens Ohio next week, you will be able to see the real thing as well as all the other 'best of the best'. For the rest of us QN '09's full colour catalogue will be released any time now. I already have mine on order.

Congratulations Andrée!!


Quilt National '09

Tunicates No. 1 © 2008 Andree Fredette

Dairy Barn Arts Center
Quilt National '09
May. 23 — Sep. 7 2009
Athens, Ohio

The beauty of stitching stands on its own in 85 quilts running the gamut from traditional formats to 3-D textile sculpture, realism to abstraction.

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Andrée Fredette said...

Kit, I'm blushing!

It's very exciting and I look forward to the trip to QN next week.

I get to go out and play with the grownups!