Thursday, May 14, 2009

Silk Garden Cloth

All this cloth I have collected this year... these were made to test colour relationships, resists etc. They sit, piling up and they languish on top of my dryer.

I feel the need to put them to use, perhaps cut them up and have them work together somehow. This green one below involved several processes to achieve the texture and layers of colour. Maybe I won't cut it up so much.

This is a multi-colour silk screen process. I have tons of this stuff, so I will cut away with little fear.

Here is more of the green. I really love this piece. It reminds me of a Canadian garden at this time of the year - full of promise.

Ah, my dot cloth. This swatch makes me want to go back to the silk screen and dye pots to make more of this in different colour combos.

See you all later...


Andrée Fredette said...

Ooooo, juicy goodies!

Love, love, love those colours.


Anonymous said...

What exquisite colors! I'm jealous you have so much beauty "piling up." My mouth is open and I think there is a little bit of drool spilling over the edge of my lip. I can't wait to see what you do with this.

Kit Vincent said...

Kimber, I hear you.
In fact I'm on a mission to put it to good use. I appreciate the encouragement,