Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up close and personal…

PICT 27 AUG 14h07m56 RenéThe third week in May has finally arrived!

Upin the North this gives us the go ahead to start planting, and wouldn’t you know it we have a frost warning for tonight, not fair…

Most days I can be found on my hands and knees mucking about in rich soft earth. BTW, this is the only time that I actually enjoy any of this. Given my fickleness with gardening matters, I know that this enthusiasm won't last long. The intoxicating ‘garden high’ I feel will soon pass and my poor garden with so much promise will eventually take on the look of an abandoned child, probably by the first week of August.

But late in May I am completely intoxicated with the smells, the colour, the fresh earth the gentle breezes. Ah, and my garden plan…this is not unlike art, my canvas being the rich black earth. I will add colour, line, shape and texture. I pick plants and vegetables based on how they will contribute to the whole, the look -- certainly nothing practical.

Oh, and then there are visitors to the garden. In the Spring I love them all having been starved all winter. Some I manage to capture with a help of a borrowed lens... this image captured last August was languishing at the bottom of my blog images bin and demanded to be featured.

dragonfly 2

You have to admire the exquisite complexity of the bi-wing span of this magnificent little creature. If you click on the image you will see what I mean. I have seen many a dragonfly done with fabric and thread, but I wonder if it is at all possible to really capture this?

OK, back to my plantings…


Lisa in Penna said...

Hi again Kit - not stalking you, just decided I had to look at the blog too. The photo of the dragonfly is exquisite! Dyeing and hand applique are my two passions - in the book Applique Takes Wing by Jane Townswick there are a number of great designs and techniques for winged creatures, using sheers under reverse applique to show transparent wings. Then the veins probably could be stem stitched with YLI silk thread . . . now how to get the back-lit glow? It's a great challenge, and when all that spare time catches up, I'll post on it! Thanks for the inspiration! - Lisa

Kit Vincent said...


You are very welcome!
For the back lit glow, I see some of your wonderful hand dyes put to good use. Good luck stitching the complex matrix of veins in the wings! I look forwards to seeing what you come up with.