Saturday, May 13, 2006

the cotton samples

This is just a small sample of the dyed cotton bits. Cotton can be discharged using both household bleach and thiox. I always knew this, but wanted to see the difference side by side on different colours. I also wanted to see how different colours reacted to separate discharge processes. In this picture, the round splotches are household bleach at various concentrations. The smallest splotch is a chlorox pen, the mid-size splotch is Vim bleach gel, and the large round splotch is undiluted bleach. The thiox here is still wet (square splotch).
Wait till you see the next picture - thiox blows bleach out the window!

BTW, this exercise is outlined in Jane Dunnewold's latest edtition of Heartcloth Quarterly, issued a couple of weeks ago. This was something that I had planned to do for ages, but never got around to it. Perfect timing! Posted by Picasa


Karoda said...

I subscribed to the HeARTcloth and love it! I hope to try this exercise sometime over the summer. The appearance of triangles in your photo would make a groovy design for a quilt.

deb said...

Have you tried Cascade Dishwasher Gel?
Great things squirt out of the old plastic hair coloring bottle. Where? could I have found one of those??

jenclair said...

Thanks for the link! I've not used Thiox, but have used the clorox pen. Your experiments are very helpful.

PaMdora said...

Samples?! Yum, These are so beautiful, they just look like art laying there on the table.