Sunday, June 18, 2006

art back at work

Hello blog, I'm back! I know its been a while. I took a little break, about five weeks in all. Been travelling, but now I'm back to work. Lots to do. Two workshops to give this summer; they are going to be fun, but I need to order supplies soon. Then there is QBL - one week with Dorothy Caldwell - can't wait. I won a prize recently, so I bought a really nice camera. I have been a shutter bug ever since. Have a peek at what I see out there with my fancy new lens:
This little spider is enjoying new digs.

The complex architecture of a simple white poppy about to lose its petals

Here it is in profile

Here is a moss of some kind growing on the side of a rock - orange blooms against bright green growth. Wow!

That's it for now. Next post I will show what's up on the wall.

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