Wednesday, July 05, 2006

South African mohair wool in July!

OK, someone sold me a pound of RFD mohair for $10. How could I resist? So I asked my friend Marianne for some of her acid dyes and found that they are really easy to use.
I used slow heat, a bit of vinegar, very little stirring (so as not to felt), I rinsed and hung them out to dry. From a distance these hanks read as solid colours but when you get up close each colour is made with four separate hues.
I get asked a lot what I intend to do with them? Answer -- I have no idea and I am not keen on knitting anything practical like socks, mittens or a sweater. Perhaps in January I will feel differently. For now, I simply enjoy looking at them, specially when they are out in the sun!
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Lisa Call said...

I'm thinking a certain pole for the internet could look mighty fine wrapped in these yarns.

Art at Work said...

yeah right Lisa!

I will need a pattern for something as ambitious as a 'sock' for my internet tower.
It is 60 feet tall...