Sunday, July 16, 2006

Take a look at this!

I love it! its a hummer cozy...
made by Adam Ellison as part of his MFA thesis last year. Believe it or not there's a real hummer under there...he had to talk a dealer into letting him borrow one for his show.
If you want to see more, there is a two-part video at :
-- shows Adam making the quilt,

and at:
-- Adam shows the quilt installed on the hummer and discusses the messages hidden into the free-motion quilting.

In the process of digging into this, I also came across this site:
-- showing the MFA Graduate Show, with lots of interesting new textile work from recent grads in the same program. You can also catch Adam's washer and dryer cozys, almost as impressive as the hummer piece.
This web site ( is out of the San Francisca Bay area and is dedicated to art with a textile sensibility, showing established and emerging textitle art of all kinds - a definite bookmark.

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Elle said...

That's fantastic! A Hummer cozy!